Safety Standard Decals: Our Design Process | December 8, 2015

Using the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) recommendations for basic layout and typeface, we have developed a specific way to design our safety standard decals.

A new hope
New designs begin using a Safety Decal Development Worksheet. It assists the designer by giving them a step by step guide on how to design the decal. This worksheet accompanies all of our Safety Standards and is inluded in our specification books.

Legibility always comes first
The type size is calculated using ANSI’s mathematical formula for viewing distance to type size. This formula gives the recommended type size for both the word message and the signal word. ADA and DOT regulations are also taken into consideration with all decals.

Symbols by committee
The designer is responsible for making three different options for our employees to vote which best communicates the message. We use a human figure template that ANSI has developed, along with our standard bus symbols that we have designed.

A few good words
When it comes to the word message, less is more. It is important the message is short and to the point to communicate the message quickly and effectively to the viewer.  We use what ANSI recommends: a headline style and an active voice. The larger signal words are classified according to the relative seriousness of the hazardous situation.

View our Safety Decal Solution page for more info on our safety decals.


STG Vigor: Our new material! | April 2, 2013

Introducing STG Vigor™, our material for those stubborn surfaces or pesky vandals. We have manufactured and tested a product for substrates that are likely to give your decals issues. STG Vigor is engineered for use on ABS plactics, stainless steel, powder coat, and other hard to stick surfaces.

STG Vigor is also a great deterent for vadals picking at or removing your decals or graphics. Combined with radius corners, STG Vigor will likely break a nail before being picked off!

For more information on our newest product, please contact us at orders@seifertgraphics.com or call toll free 800-451-4957!

A Number of Innovations | April 2, 2012

There are always good ideas waiting ot be discovered and Seifert Transit Graphics just discovered one: a line of new ready-to-go fleet number kits. Available in 6", 5", 4", 3" and 2" sizes, these kits feature numbers that are self-aligning for easy installation. They are housed in our own custom boxes, with each number having its own storage compartment too so they stay organized. the sturdy box can be carried with you to the place of installation, keeping your decals safe. You use what you need when you need it, and all decal reordering information is contained within the box. These kits are another example of the innovative products we produce at Seifert Transit Graphics.

Introducing the perfect new citrus-based solvent and degreaser | September 14, 2011

Our new Citrus Adhesive Remover is an effective, natural, biodegradable solvent and degreaser that has a pleasant citrus smell. It is extremely versatile and has a GRAS rating (Generally Regarded As Safe) from the United States Food and Drug Administration. It can be used safely and effectively for cleaning a transit vehicle where vinyl graphics have been removed. 

For more information, contact:

Emmett Seifert, Seifert Transit Graphics, (347) 799-2543,  emmett@seifertgraphics.com

STGgone PDF Download

Reflective vs. Standard Vinyl Side-By-Side Study | February 2, 2011