Decals and Plates

STG Decals

Seifert Transit Graphics' OEM decals are manufactured differently for each specific use, depending upon the location and purpose of the decal. Your "Watch Your Step" riser decal is chipped and broken because passengers' feet puncture and scrape the decal. Our STG standard "Watch Your Step" decal is manufactured from a strong protective material that withstands the brutal attack from passengers' feet.

STG Plates

Seifert Transit Graphics' permanent plates meet or exceed all federal guidelines for the transit industry. They resist abrasion, humidity, corrosive atmospheres, solvents and fuels. If you need decals that last forever, then plates are your solution. 

STG Vigor™

Seifert Transit Graphics' material for those stubborn surfaces. Tested to adhere to powder coated materials, ABS plastic, stainless steel and more materials that traditional vinyl has difficulty sticking to. Also used for areas where vandals strike. STG Vigor's aggressive adhesive, combined with a radius corner, will deter vandals from damaging your decals.


Decal and Plates Examples

Kick Resistant Decals

STG kick resistant decals protect graphics in high traffic areas.

Reflective Decals

STG reflective decals illuminate when light is projected on them.

Anodized Plate

STG anodized plates are for permanent long-term messages.

Cut Vinyl Decals

STG cut vinyl simplifies obtuse decals and creates easy installation for fleet numbers.

Fluorescent Decal

STG fluorescent decals attract direct attention to important messages.