What is Livery?

Liv • er • y : [liv-uh-ree, liv-ree] noun, an identifying badge, insignia, etc.. A transit authority's fleet livery is by definition the most identifiable portion of the bus. In some cases it consists of a simple one color stripe, in others a design which covers the vehicle entirely. In all cases, maintaining a uniform fleet appearance is paramount to your identity.

Precise Color Matching

Your colors are an integral part of your fleet indentity, which is why we spend a disproportionate amount of time on color matching. We've developed a matching system around our experience and production methods. "The STG Color Chart" is printed on the exact machines, using the exact materials, that will be used for your finished product.

Repairs Made Easy

Livery repair is easy with Seifert Transit Graphics. When your striping is damaged, simply order the damaged section replacement piece. The OEM installed stripe is one piece but repair pieces are in custom sized sections so you only need to repair the damaged portion.

Livery Examples

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