Safety Decal Solution

Introducing Our Comprehensive Safety Decal

Drawing on decades of experience, we’ve developed a standardized solution that includes all the safety decals you need to outfit your new builds, along with service and support to keep your current buses looking great.

Peace of Mind

We’ve thought through every detail — from colors to materials to regulatory standards — so you can be confident that the safety decals we recommend are the right choice for your fleet. It’s the ideal way to keep your passengers, operators and maintenance employees safe and protect your organization from regulatory hassles and litigation.

Simplified Maintenance

Replacing worn decals across your whole fleet becomes a simple matter of choosing the right piece from the standard notebook of samples and ordering from us.

Faster Delivery

We’ll have the replacement decals you need in stock and ready to ship the same day if you need something quickly.

Lower Costs

Pre-printing quantities to keep in stock helps avoid the cost of one-off printing, either for new builds or when you need to replace individual decals.

Supporting New York Transit

From every safety standard decal sold to our New York state customers, we will be contributing 5% of that sale to NYPTA, to keep NY moving.

Safety Solution Examples

Interior 1

Interior 2

Exterior 1

Exterior 2