Safety Products

STG Slipgrip™

STG SlipGrip™ is ideally suited to transit vehicle roofs where maintenance personnel need sure footing, especially when the surface is wet. Available in white, yellow, and black with a standard abrasive, the non-slip self adhesive tape has excellent performance in wet conditions. Suggested applications include vehicle roofs, steps, wheelchair securement ramps and passenger step-wells.

Frangible Access Panels

Designed to limit "unintended interaction" with critical emergency equipment, our OEM frangible access panels are manufactured to meet common break specifications. Standard sizes are in stock to ship immediately, non-standard or custom sizes available upon request.


STG™ Spitfire™ self-adhesive retroreflectors are often the first line of defense in a typical "car vs. bus" scenario. Strategically placed Spitfires™ act as an early alert of your presence when headlights or streetlights are directed their way. Additionally, the low profile of our Spitfires™ decrease the incidents of unintended removal during common use (when compared to traditional bulky plastic versions).

Conspicuity Tape

While conspicuity tape is similar to retroreflectors in appearance, when it comes to application, there is one key difference. Our recommendation is to install conspicuity tape over the entire length of your vehicle, which visually denotes the total size of your vehicle in the dark. A roll of conspicuity tape can save thousands in repair costs. Many standard color schemes are available in 50' rolls and varying widths, including alternating red / white, blue / silver, and solid white, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.