T.G.I.S. Program

What Is T.G.I.S?

Transit Graphics Integrated System: Standardization and simplification of graphic elements on a transit vehicle.

  • Develops a uniform, graphics and livery program across your entire fleet.
  • Develops comprehensive specifications to maintain consistency and quality.
  • Controls inventory, streamlines procurement, reduces cost, and complexity.
  • Takes the complexity out of maintaining livery and graphics.
  • Establishes standard graphics specifications for new bus procurement.

Is T.G.I.S. Right For My Transit Authority?

TGIS creates an easy way to order graphics for maintenance and when new vehicles are being purchased, the transit authority controls what needs to be on the bus. TGIS has no setup costs, no minimum order quantities and a standard set of decals for your entire fleet. Think about your decals, livery, or any other graphic element. Is it frustrating to find the right decal for the right bus? Do set up costs and minimum order quantities make it difficult to get just the amount of decals you need? Is your transit authority trying to find places to cut costs? If one or more of these questions relates to you, then TGIS would be your solution.

How T.G.I.S. Works

5 easy steps to make you T.G.I.S. ready!

Step 1

Pictures and measurements are taken or sample is provided.

Step 2

Choose STG standards.

Step 3

Specification book created and hand delivered.

Step 4

New bus implementation.

Step 5

Your fleet standardized.