Safety Standard

Making safety look good.
Our safety standard decals are designed according Ansi Z535.1 specifications, using only approved safety; colors, symbols, and fonts. All safety standard decals are stocked and ready to ship within 24 hrs. Benefit from multiple safety messages, all with one consistent look.
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Transit vehicle and bus safety and caution decals


Seifert Brand Transit Products.
STG Vigor™ for those hard to stick to surfaces.
STG Glow™ for low light markings and decals.
STG SlipGrip™ when extra traction is necessary.
STG Conseal™ the final touch for livery.
STG Gone™ for installing or replacing vinyl.


Industry products to elevate your fleet.
From the exterior to the interior, your fleets appearance is important to us. Learn more about self-aligning fleet numbers, anti-grafitti window film, tamper-evident labels, spitfires, conspicuity tape, and frangible panels.
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Tool Kit.

Tools for livery/decal installs and repairs.
Based on our industry knowledge and experience as well as our extensive installation experience, we assembled the Installation Tool Kit with the necessities for proper livery/decal installation, removal and repair.
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