Get damaged
fleets back
on the Road.

The Livery Maintenance Solution is a program, completely unique to Seifert Graphics, to get your damaged buses back on the road faster and at a better cost than custom painting or re-ordering full livery.

Transit vehicle and bus livery, striping, wrap maintenance

The Program.

First, we do a complete customized fleet analysis. Each analysis is made up of all the information required to match the livery design, size, placement and color on all necessary bus styles. That information is used to build each piece part poster, assign piece part numbers, and manufacture all replacement parts. Lastly, we offer a program to train your maintenance team on proper vinyl removal and installation. Now you can repair only what is needed with Seifert Graphics’ Livery Maintenance Solution.

Custom Piece Part Posters
Transit Authority Fleet Specific.

Piece part posters are built specifically for individual transit authorities. Each fleet specific bus style is assigned their own piece part poster.

Custom Assigned Piece Part Numbers.

Bus livery and/or striping is broken out into small manageable sections and assigned specific piece part numbers for fast and easy ordering.

Color Matching - Click here to learn more about color matching.

Replacement vinyl piece parts are matched to existing livery colors, whether it is paint or vinyl, using out color matching system.

Installation Training - Click here to learn more about installation.

We train maintenance teams to properly install replacement pieces.

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