In the transit industry, bus livery design is the icing on the cake. It showcases the transit authority’s brand, while also highlighting the aspects of the local area. All this is wrapped up (pun intended) into one beautiful design that encompasses the entire bus.

But then….Sikaflex®

That white caulk like substance that runs down different joints of the bus, creating a line right through your beautiful design you worked so hard on.

Sikaflex® is necessary for the construction of the bus, and depending on the manufacturer, it can be a large part of the bus body. Made of a Polyurethane base, Sikaflex® is super elastic. This creates an issue when vinyl goes to be installed. Due to the chemical nature of Sika, vinyl wraps should not be installed over top as future failure percentage is crazy high. 

Like seriously.

 If you install vinyl over sika, lifting and cracking of the wrap is inevitable. This can snowball into various other issues such as water and debris sneaking behind the vinyl even further down the bus body, spider webbing into well, a replacement disaster. And guys, paint does the same thing…

Vinyl cracking and peeling from Sika.

So why am I bringing this up and being a negative Nancy? (Sorry Nancy’s out there)

Because we have the solution! It comes in a little bottle that is labeled ConSeal™.

ConSeal™ is our magic trick when it comes to making those pesky white lines visually disappear into your design, creating a uniform and clean look across your entire bus.

Actually, a physically clean look! Without ConSeal™ covering up Sikaflex®those little white lines tend to collect dirt, dust, and grime creating a not so visually appealing look to your bus.

Due to its fancy formula, our ConSeal™ product can be color matched to any color and painted directly on the sika. Yeah, that easily! And because of its special mix, it’s flexible unlike regular paint. This allows it to move and wiggle with the Sikaflex® as the bus goes down the road, therefore, no cracking, peeling, or flaking.

So whether it’s paint or vinyl, cover up those white lines! ConSeal™ creates a cleaner, sharper look to your bus, amping it from just a bus, to a RIDE!

Do you have grimy joints on your bus? Let us know in the comments!


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What is

STG Conseal is a paint formula used to minimize the visual impact of Sikaflex™ expansion joints that intersect striping and livery graphics. Available in stock colors and custom colors matched to new or existing livery and striping.

Product Details.

STG Conseal’s high tensile strength at very high elongation and excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures, make ideal for application on Sikaflex™ expansion joints. Conseal also has high adhesion to many surfaces and materials common to transit vehicles. We suggest using Conseal on all areas where high levels (200% +) of expansion/contraction are evident, irregular shaped surfaces and for general purpose touch-ups.

STG Conseal is the

Finishing Touch

Download our product bulletin to learn more about the features and product characteristics of STG Conseal.