A new approach to engaging customers.

We as a nation love to swipe a card on that fancy dinner, or click “pay now” on that Amazon order we may or may not have needed. Buying is even an addiction for some. All that excitement, desire, and motivation changes drastically when you start talking about selling someone something.

Selling has long had the negative connotation of a man in a suit telling you really need that expensive car. In fact, salesmen used to study Phrenology (the shape of your head determines your personality) to better sell cars. Manipulation, tricking, and coercing all come to mind when we think of sales tactics.

So why am I even bringing this up to you? 

Honestly, we are sick and tired of it. That's why.

This feels a little much, right?

Selling brings a quick influx of cash to a business, and then that’s it! What lasts longer and is worth way more than money is a connection. A real one that benefits both ways, not just a one way street phone call. When I asked Aaron, one of our sales guys (don’t worry he’s not a tie guy, more denim and tshirt) what his goal is for a client, he responded enthusiastically with, “I want them to succeed and do well; I want them to want the same for me.” See? Both ways!

This whole concept drives what we call Consulting, not selling. Our goal is to work with you on your project, find a solution, and drive forward to make it better for every project after that. We are not only your graphics solution, but your engineering recourse, your vinyl maintenance experts, and your marketing masters. As a family company, we use this idea of small town connections and support with all of our clients. 

“It sounds cliche, but I believe it's important that people don't feel like they’re simply a dollar sign or a number.”

Stay cliche Aaron, because it’s true. When we are consulting, our goal is not that dollar sign, but we are problem sniffers. We are able to take your problems and find solutions rather than just sell you a band aid to slap on. Making relationships that last supports both you and us as businesses.

Now, I’m sure by now you either agree with me or… Rolling your eyes.

Don’t believe me? Well I have a challenge for you…

Give us a call. I dare you, you will realize that yes, there are people on the other end of the phone. Mention this blog article to Emmett or Aaron while you’re talking about your next project,  and we will send you some fun decals, cause why not? We just want to have fun too.