Unfortunately, after over a year of restrictions, lockdowns, masking, and vaccines, the COVID-19 pandemic is still not a thing of the past.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 there was a lot of confusion on what was a requirement and what was optional for messaging on a transit vehicle. Our design team whipped up a lot of different decals with various COVID-19 transit messaging for our customers along the way. As we have progressed through the pandemic, the federal government has helped by mandating mask use, regardless of vaccination status, on all public transportation. This means passengers and operators are required to wear a mask on the subway, on a bus, in a paratransit vehicle and on an airplane. 

After that requirement, it’s up to you to figure out what the best practices are to protect your passengers and operators. Placing messaging in and outside of a vehicle helps assist operators by informing passengers of the regulations your transit authority has decided to put in place.

To help with your decision-making process, we came up with groupings of decals that will help to keep your passengers and operators safe:

Non-symptomatic Rule Follower

For those who just would like riders not to board when they are ill and follow the mask mandate. Place one each near the passenger entrance doors and a few mask required decals in the vehicle to remind people to keep those masks up!

Do Not Board with Symptoms Covid-19 Decal Pack

Do Not Board with Symptoms

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

13″ x 7.5"

Face Masks are Required Covid-19 Decal Pack

Face Masks are Required

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

9.5″ x 4″

A Distant Relationship

Social distancing: the practice of separating oneself by distance from another. On a vehicle, it’s not the easiest to accomplish, but limiting seating inside certainly helps. Place a banner or decal on the seats which you will be limiting to help your passengers socially distance from each other. Add a maintain a safe distance decal to the exterior to complete your distancing measures.

Limited Seating Available Covid-19 Seat Banner Pack

Limited Seating Seat Banner

Banner Material (Washable)

8.5" x 11"

Seat Out of Service Covid-19 Decal Pack

Seat Out of Service

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

11" x 4"

Maintain A Safe Distance Covid-19 Decal Pack

Maintain a Safe Distance

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

11" x 4"

Clean Freak

A clean vehicle is something to be proud of. If you are routinely cleaning vehicles between service runs, then you should be bragging about it! Put one each of the bragging decals and a cleaning log to show customers you are in fact a clean freak!

This Vehicle is Cleaned and Sanitized Covid-19 Decal Pack

Vehicle is Clean and Sanitized

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

9.5" x 4"

leaning Sign-Off Covid-19 Decal Pack

Cleaning Sign-Off Sheet

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

8.5" x 11″

Public Service Announcer

Some of us like to be the voice of the friendly reminder (I think they call that “nagging”). If this is you, add some messaging to remind your passengers to wash their hands, not touch their face and to wear their mask properly.

Wash Your Hands Covid-19 Decal Pack

Wash Your Hands

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

9.5" x 4"

Avoid Touching Your Face Covid-19 Decal Pack

Avoid Touching Your Face

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

9.5" x 4"

Proper Face Mask Use Covid-19 Decal Pack

Proper Face Mask Use

Printed Vinyl Decal with Gloss Overlaminate

9.5" x 4"

What messaging are you using your buses, trains and planes? Leave us a comment!