With the falling leaves comes Expo's and Transit shows! All this excitement in the air, we decided to sit down with Aaron, one of our consulting members to ask him why Expo season is so thrilling for him.

Why are you excited to go to the shows this year?

Frankly, it’s been awhile! After not being able to attend any shows in person last year, I am more than ready to get back into the swing of things as normal. Not to mention the fact that we have a handful of new ideas that we’ve never done before – should get people talking.

What are you most excited about with our booth?

“The new things, for sure. We had all these decent ideas for shows before COVID, and then never got to execute any of them. And now, we have great ideas for our shows and may finally have opportunities to share them with everyone.”

Who are you hoping to meet?

“I’m just looking forward to the chance to see the people we connected with at previous shows – 2019 in particular – and to see who might have joined different TAs since. Also not for nothing, if Mark Hamill happens to be wandering through at some point that’d be cool. Kind of doubt that though.”

What are your goals?

“We just want to meet people, and see people we’ve connected with previously. Honestly, this isn’t so much a sales opportunity as it is an opportunity to grow our ‘fan base,’ if you will. My main goal is for folks we meet to remember us, and look forward to seeing what we do next year.”

How can someone find you?

“Oh you’ll find us! We’ll be wearing some pretty cool new t-shirts and our booth will look like one giant safety decal – I’m exaggerating a bit, but I think that conveys a good idea. We’ll be the booth with all the people around it!”

What are you doing differently this year versus previous years?

“Well, I can’t go into too much detail because I really don’t want to be the guy that spoils anything. For one, we’ll have our lead Technical Designer, Andrew, with us this year. He’s been involved and has his handiwork on buses all over the country these days, so I’m sure there will be folks who will be excited to meet him. For a few shows, we’ll also have Jane at a few of our shows too. I think it’ll be nice for folks to meet other parts of this company, instead of the sales guys (myself and Emmett in particular) that they’re usually dealing with. We do intend to have humor decals again this year, but we’ll be bringing something a little bit more…interactive and fun this time around. They’ll have to come by the booth to see just what I mean.”

“I guess just that at the end of these shows, I’d like for anyone who came into our booth to have had a memorable experience and really want us there again next year. We look forward to travelling for shows and conferences all year, so we really want to make an impression!”

We can not wait to see all you there! You can find the rest of our “tour” dates here.

So come find us!